• Phoebe Gardner

Schön! 35 | no country for old women

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Written for Schön! online

In this Schön! 35 editorial, photographer Marta Bevacqua toys with colours and perspective to transport you back to 20th century rural France – but with a twist. Fashion by Joana Dacheville sees model Nadine Ammeraal placed in a variety of rustic yet modern fur coats, floor-length dresses and silk headscarves, from brands such as Saint Laurent, Liu Chao, Acne Studios and Thomasine. Carole Douardmasters renaissance inspired wavy hair, casually tied up and down while Hugo Villard compliments with natural rosy make up.

photography. Marta Bevacqua @ Open Space Paris fashion. Joana Dacheville @ Saint Germain Agency model. Nadine Ammeraal @ Elite hair. Carole Douard @ callmyagent make up. Hugo Villard @ Airport Agency production. Léonore Masson set design. Aymeric Arnould fashion assistant.Glen Mban location. La Ferme de Berval

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