• Phoebe Gardner


Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Written for Schön! online

Mesut Yazici mesmerises us with his display of fluid and rigid movements in his photography in this Schön! online editorial. Murad Valiyev places model Gabi Rostovskyte in overlaying clothes clashing colours, patterns and textures, pulled from brands such as Zeynep Tosun, Nillush Vintage, Penti and Crocs. Isa Töre creates space buns as wisps of hair elegantly escapes, whilst Asli Bilgesmudges cerulean blue and gold around the eyes alongside exaggerated freckles and symbols drawn across the eyebrows and lips.

photography. Mesut Yazici fashion. Murad Valiyev model. Gabi Rostovskyté @ True Models Istanbul make up. Asli Bilge hair. Isa Töre fashion assistant. Sena Yagmur Çelik retouch. Yasemin Sadef

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